Seamless Tube® is Proven to Increase Baghouse Capacity Up to 20%

Developed in 1972, the National Filter Media Seamless Tube® filter media is a proven performer in many industries such as the metals, foundries, aluminum, minerals and cement industries. It is ideal for applications up to 275ºF.

Seamless Tube® is proven to increase baghouse capacity up to 20%, and gives you up to 30% longer life compared to conventional woven medias.

Every feature of this filter media structure is engineered to optimize filtration performance, and is a cost effective alternative to woven media and shaker felt media that doesn’t forfeit high flow capacity or efficiency.


Seamless Tube® Filter Media is available in:

  • 2 styles: Reversible so that one side offers a filament construction for excellent dust release whereas the other offers a raised napped surface to improve filtration efficiency


Seamless Tube®Filter Bags are available in:

  • Shaker Bag configurations
  • Reverse Air configurations
  • With anti-collapse rings, suspension cap, straps or loop top