Detailed Information About Pleated Filters.

Pleated filter bags can have 2-3 times the filtration media over traditional bags. Significant reduction in air-to-coth ratios allows for excellent dust release, increased airflows and reduced differential pressure during operation.

National Filter media options include Polyester Spunbond- up to 265F, ePTFE Membrane Laminate, HO Treatment for dust release enhancement, Conductive Media (spunbond and needle felt options) and Aramid Stiffened needle felts-up to 375F.


Detailed Information About Cartridges

National Filter media provides a wide variety of cartridges for almost every OEM style. This includes the most common cylindrical style filter. We also offer square flange cartridge styles for Farr, Semco, Wheelabrator, Entech, and United Air Specialist. Please allow us to assist you with your Vpack, Hvac, Panel prefilter, and Mini V Bank filters. National Filter Media is your single source for all of your filtering requirements.

For more information, download the PDF sheets below: