maintenence renovation


The baghouse is no place for the inexperienced and uninspired worker.

Let National Filter Media provide experienced and competent service crews to inspect, refurbish, renovate, rebuild, convert or maintain your baghouse. NFM knows how to do it!!!

Our field service crews are regionally located throughout the United States to provide prompt and efficient baghouse maintenance services…even 24-hour service for those emergency shutdowns. When you entrust your baghouse to NFM, you have years of working experience at your disposal. Same day quotations are available for most jobs.

The Benefits

  • Avoid the hassle of labor / management disputes over baghouse repair and maintenance.
  • Decrease the workload on your already stressed maintenance department.
    NFM crews are experienced, knowledgeable, diligent and thorough.
  • We guarantee our services.


With NFM services, it’s more than just a bag change. Our years of maintenance experience ranges from those nuisance silo collectors to 1 million plus CFM baghouse systems. We have serviced them all: Shaker, Shaker/Deflate, Reverse Air, Pulse Jet with Cages, and Bin Vents.

We have created special tools and procedures to aid our crews without forgoing quality. Our supervisors and crews are experienced, full-time employees. They know when to repair or reject a questionable cage, how to maintain uniform seam alignment, or properly weave a strap through its hanger. They can snap a bag into the tubesheet and administer the proper tensioning techniques required for reverse air spring assemblies. We provide all the necessary maintenance and safety equipment required to do the job. All our equipment is OSHA approved and tailored to the demands of your baghouse. With years of experience, we have handled all types of collector dust, including:

  • Rock Products
  • Boiler Fly Ash
  • Electric Arc Furnace
  • Primary and Secondary Metals


Our observations, work procedures and maintenance recommendations are provided in a written report at the completion of our work. These reports and recommendations can help head-off potential problems or help fine tune your existing system. Either way, we have saved you money and downtime.

We’re sometimes asked if there is a way to make maintenance personnel more aware of baghouse systems and operational procedures. The answer is YES!…with our Baghouse Maintenance Seminar. NFM sales/engineering personnel can instruct your people on a wide variety of topics; equipment types, media selection, safety procedures and start-up / shut-down procedures.

All our services can be quoted on a flat rate or time and material basis We can tailor a program to meet your needs and expectations. Call National Filter Media for all your Service needs.