Fast & Easy Tracking of Leaks in Your Air Filtration System

Eliminate the guesswork when inspecting filters and reduce maintenance time and costs by using Leak Seeker® after each filter change.


NFM’s Leak Seeker® system offers a low cost, effective way of locating broken filter bags or pleated bags, cracked tube sheets and faulty seals, and the system is ideal when doing preventive inspections. Utilizing Leak Seeker® as part of your regular baghouse maintenance program helps you avoid costly unscheduled shutdowns.

The Leak Seeker® system contains an illuminating light and tracing powder used to reveal the exact location and severity of leakage.

  • Powder is supplied in 5 lb., 25 lb., Case of 4 x 5 lb. and 300 lb. containers
  • All our LED blacklights are ultra-compact, lightweight and powerful. They reveal even the smallest leaks and are ideal for leak checking in hard-to-reach places. In addition, our blacklights are compatible with all leak detection dyes. Blacklights available are Flash Light, Spot Light, Lantern and Wand