Industrial Filtration for the Gypsum Industry

Gypsum is found as a natural occurrence in rock. Pure gypsum is a white rock but impurities can color it grey, brown or pink. Its scientific name is calcium sulphate dehydrate or hydrous calcium sulphate. Before being heated to reduce the moisture content, the process of calcination of gypsum starts with quarrying raw gypsum and then size reduction of the rock through:

  • Crushing
  • Grinding
  • Screening
  • Drying
  • Milling
  • Calcination
  • Kilns


National Filter Media manufactures and installs fabric filters that meet the specific needs of the gypsum industry relating to each one of the processes that utilize bags. We understand the unique challenges that plant and operations managers face every day while collecting very fine dust generated by dryers, calciners, and material handling baghouses.


Our broad product line includes:

  • Ambient and high temperature filter bags
  • Rigid cages
  • Broken Bag Detectors
  • Maintenance Services