Industrial Filtration for the Biomass Industry

The dust generated by biomass plants is primarily fly ash. These types of plants are subjected to environmental scrutiny because they are typically located in heavily populated areas, with neighbors that closely monitor the effectiveness of the filtration and scrubbing process.

The biomass industry uses wood chips, tires, construction debris or similar plant material to produce electric power by burning the wood chips to produce steam, then using the steam to run a turbine to produce electric power. Governmental bodies view biomass as a “green” fuel, and this has spurred growth in this industry.

National Filter Media, a recognized worldwide leader in baghouse and dust collector filters, installation and parts and services, has proven products and services that can handle the common and site specific problems, like:

  • Premature baghouse filter failures
  • High pressure drop or drag resistance
  • Emissions
  • Hopper or silo bridging & buildup
  • Heavy corrosion of baghouse floors & walls
  • Deteriorated shaker/reverse air systems
  • Corroded cages