With our high-quality bag filter media, we provide efficient filtration solutions for virtually all industries & dust types, including high temperature applications and abrasive dust. See which media is ideal for your application.

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Recommended Maximum Operating Temperature ºF

Fiber Available In ePTFE Membrane Available Tensile Strength Abrasion Resistance Chemical Acids Resistance Alkalies Support Combustion Continuous Surges
Cotton Woven No Good Good Poor Good Yes 180º 200º
Polypropylene Woven/Felt Yes Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Yes 200º 200º
Nylon Woven No Excellent Excellent Poor Excellent Yes 200º 250º
Wool Woven/Felt No Poor Fair Good Poor No 200º 230º
Hymopolymer Woven/Felt Yes Good Good Very Good Fair Yes 260º 284º
Copolymer Acrylic Woven/Felt No Average Fair Good Fair Yes 230º 248º
Polyester Woven/Felt/Knit/Spunbound Yes Excellent Excellent Fair Fair Yes 275º 300º
Aramid/Nomex® Woven/Felt Yes Very Good Excellent Fair Good No 375º 425º
PTFE/Teflon® Woven/Felt Yes Average Fair Excellent Excellent No 450º 500º
Fiberglass Woven/Felt Yes Excellent Fair Good Fair No 500º 550º
PPS Woven/Felt Yes Very Good Excellent Excellent Very Good No 375º 425º
P84® Woven/Felt Yes Very Good Excellent Very Good Fair No 420º 450º